The book

"Liar" by Ayelet Gundar-Goshen

Some people become beautiful through the truth. Others through lies. Of the dubious fame of an ice cream seller....

Seventeen-year-old Nuphar Shalev lives with her family in an Israeli city. Her problem: she feels unsightly and unattractive - in short: not comfortable in her own skin. Besides school, she earns her pocket money in an ice cream parlour. Everyone sees the ice cream - no one sees her. Until one day a nationally known television star comes into the ice cream parlour. He has just received some really bad news and is looking for an outlet. The shy girl seems just perfect for that. When she dared to correct him on an inaccurately used phrase, he strikes back: he insults her, even hurts her with his tirades. The girl is beside herself, runs into the backyard seeking shelter, where the celebrity chases her and grabs her by the arms. The scream triggered in her by the verbal insults calls witnesses and the police. Their question "Did he touch you?" comes just in time for her to tell the story and with her nodding in response, the attempted rape is born.

Young Nuphar becomes entangled in this lie. At last, she is the centre of attention, at last she is an acknowledged victim. In the bright light of the cameras she blossoms, and with her the lie grows and flourishes. With the lie, her young love for Lavie Maimon, who lives on the fourth floor above the ice-cream parlour, also grows and thrives. But love is something very delicate, and the truth can trample it like a wild rhinoceros.

The fact that Nuphar puts someone in prison with her lie, becomes a victim of blackmail herself, that her family worries about her and that eventually more and more lies are born is the gruelling, exciting and often bizarre content of this novel written four years ago by the Israeli psychologist, author, filmmaker and screenwriter Ayelet Gundar-Goshen.

The author

Ayelet Gundar-Goshen, born 1982, studied psychology in Tel Aviv and later film and screenwriting in Jerusalem. She has already received numerous awards for her short stories, screenplays and short films. Her first novel One Night, Markowitz (2013) was awarded the prestigious Sapir Prize for Best Debut, followed in 2015 by her second novel Waking Lions, which is currently being filmed as a TV series for NBC. Her novel The Liar has been translated into many languages and has caused a sensation in 2017. Her latest novel Wo der Wolf lauert (No English version available yet), has just been published. She lives in Tel Aviv.